Armco crash barriers are renowned for their strength and durability, and are found throughout the world wherever traffic may be. In the UK, you can find them practically everywhere, from loading bays and yards to quaysides to motorways. These heavy duty barriers are more than capable of withstanding a vehicular impact and they are known for providing an excellent level of barrier safety. When you need to defend your property, there are few things better than an Armco barrier.

Armco barriers have become the generic name for most corrugated steel crash barriers that are found across the UK. No longer confined solely to the racetrack, they can be found indoors and outdoors throughout the whole country, and are designed to provide protection where it is needed the most. The best thing about Armco barriers is the variety of different additions and extensions that can be added to them. This essentially allows for the barrier to be tailored to the exact needs of the customer. The barriers themselves are also available in various styles and lengths, including curved barriers which can fit perfectly in any location.

We offer customers a standard range of horizontal beams, which can be cut to any size. We can supply curved barriers of practically any radii, though the ones with a radius below 6m will require a special order and generally take longer to fabricate. We also offer a variety of corners and drop-downs to further customise the barrier to meet the layout of your property, with drop-downs allowing the barrier to cover ramps. In order to enhance barrier safety, we also offer a number of ends, such as reflective rubber end caps, yellow plastic end caps and fishtail ends.

For changing the general layout of the barrier, we offer internal and external changes of direction. Easily bent to accommodate any angle and with a rounded corner for additional safety, they are great for the creation of customised barrier systems. We also offer a combined system that allows for a handrail to be placed on the barrier. This essentially enhances the safety of the barrier for pedestrians. It can be further enhanced with an anti-climb mesh infill, preventing children from climbing through the gaps between barrier and handrail. There are so many options for improving barrier safety when you choose Armco, so make these outstanding barriers your first choice.