When people require barrier systems, many come to shop with us. There are many good reasons for this. For one thing, ours are some of the highest quality barriers on the market. In addition, we can design them to aid users in locations away from the motorway. Examples include in warehouses, car parks, and factories.

Swing barriers

While most barriers aim to reduce the risk of serious accidents, there are some out there capable of causing them. One of these would be the horizontal swing barrier. You can typically find these in retail car parks as well as various other premises. A barrier normally includes a horizontal beam or bar that has a hinge at a vertical pillar. They allow people to move the bar manually to close off or open car parks.

Accidents can happen when people fail to secure the barrier properly. In some cases they end up being partially open and leave the least visible end on profile projecting. There have been incidents where this has struck vehicles. To the oncoming driver, a barrier’s end profile might not be too visible. A barrier could also end up swinging into an oncoming vehicle’s path. It is possible for barriers to swing open because of vandalism, gravity, or the wind.


Knowing this, it is vital to understand what duties users have. This is in relation to safely using these barriers. One of the most important steps is to perform risk assessments when using them. This allows you to identify possible dangers and take steps to avoid them. When you put these barriers in place, they have to be sufficiently secured at all times. You must do this whether you open or close them.

Come to us for bespoke barrier systems

Cenpart is one of the best manufacturers of specialist barriers. Our designs allow you to counter the safety problems in commercial and industrial locations. They have proven to be very reliable for protecting the safety of employees and members of the public. As a result, when you order a barrier from us, you will be able to reinforce your more vulnerable areas without any trouble.

If you would like to know more about the barrier systems we can offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide advice, list all the various options for you, and then ensure you select the right barriers to maximise safety.