Barrier safety is something we take incredibly seriously. After all, it is these systems that keep everyone secure on the roads. However, they also find use in other areas too. We recognise this and so our designs take it into account as well. In addition to people, our goods can defend structures from unfortunate incidents.

Even though these barriers are meant to keep you safe, you must make safety considerations with them. You need to think about things like end treatment, width, height, and length. All of them can have an impact on the performance of the barrier and more.


The barrier’s length is a particularly important design attribute. A barrier could be too short. When it is, the roaming vehicles might be able to get around it and crash into people, other vehicles or parts of the structure. When it is too long, you are simply wasting money and it might take up too much space.


Something else that is essential is the height of your barrier. When they are too high, a vehicle could experience what is known as barrier intrusion. If they are too low, it is possible for the vehicle to vault over the installation.


The next vital consideration is the barrier’s width or offset from the road. When you are too close to a road, it results in a higher “innocent” impact with the installation. Too far away results in there being fewer opportunities to deflect before the vehicle strikes the object. Not to mention, the further away from the road, the higher the possibility of there being a high angle impact. Normally, these are more serious to those within the errant car.

Safety Audit

If you are participating in a road safety audit, make certain you ask yourself certain questions as well. Determine whether it is an acceptable type of barrier. Figure out whether it can redirect the vehicle too. In addition, ask whether the end treatment satisfies you from a safety point of view.

Come to us to learn about barrier safety

At Cenpart, the barrier systems we provide are normally for non-highway environments. Examples include car parks and warehouses. Therefore, chances are that low speed vehicles are the ones that will strike them. They will do so at a far more square on angle too. Luckily our barriers are ready for this kind of impact and will handle it perfectly.

If you want to find out more, please let us know. We can talk to you about barrier safety and then help you choose a system. After that we can offer installation, repairs and more.