When we began trading our goal was to become the leading source of Armco barriers in the UK. We are different from other providers though because we supply them for use in locations away from the motorway. Our products are therefore suitable for use in a wide array of commercial and industrial environments. We even have high quality end sections and posts.

Armco barrier systems are vital and can keep lots of people safe from harm. They are also useful for protecting drivers, machinery, and infrastructure. The barriers can stop heavy, out of control vehicles. They safely redirect them and absorb energy from the impact.

It is understandable if individuals have a limit on their budget in this day and age. When they do though they may attempt to save money where they can. For this reason, they may opt to purchase used barriers. However, prior to doing this, you should consider a number of facts. When you need to introduce a barrier, it will probably be for crucial reasons. As a result, you should listen to what we have to say on the matter before doing anything else.

An idea that is not always true

There is one widely held idea that people have. It is that they think they are getting a better deal by purchasing second hand. With Armco barriers though, used models typically have similar prices. Because of this, it is usually better to go with something that has yet to see any usage. These are products that have not been in poor weather conditions or withstood impacts yet. By doing this, you will ensure the safety and quality of your barrier.

High quality new Armco barriers

At Cenpart, we design our barriers so they can meet the distinct protection requirements of customers. We have products that are appropriate for use at warehouses, dock yards, and even car parks. If you need a bespoke layout, we can create it for you.

If you would like to know more about our Armco barriers, feel free to contact us. We can answer questions and arrange a full service for you. Customers can even contact us in the future if they need to replace a section of their barrier.