Protecting private access roads from intruders is important in order to maximise safety around your property, but it can be challenging to achieve the level of restriction you require. One solution is to hire manned guards to keep an eye on the road and act as a deterrent. However, this is not always feasible and can be expensive. Instead, you may wish to consider installing a barrier to prevent intruders from entering the area.

Access barriers come in a range of designs, types and sizes to suit all needs. They can be automated or manual depending on the access requirements of that particular property. Both kinds of barriers can be an effective deterrent to intruders and ensure that access is only granted to authorised individuals who have the necessary pass code or key.

If you have a road where only sporadic access is required by a very small number of people, a lockable manual swing arm barrier can provide the perfect solution. This will give you the option to provide keys to each person so you can control exactly who can come and go on the road. The barriers can be positioned almost anywhere and will offer round the clock protection.

At Cenpart we manufacture our own range of motorway barriers and other high quality barrier systems, offering renowned systems such as Armco and open box as well as access control measures and even handrails. We can produce bespoke designs and our swing arm barriers are available in single or double arm variants to suit different road layouts. This allows us to satisfy an array of specifications and ensure that safety and security is optimised to the highest levels in every location we work at.

If you are looking for an effective way to limit access to private roads, take a look at our products. We are happy to answer questions about our products and will offer clear, honest advice. We will even explain barrier safety to you so you can have complete confidence operating your access controls.