At Cenpart we specialise in barrier safety, specifically Armco barriers. These are an excellent product that offers highly effective protection. You can then keep pedestrians, equipment, buildings, and machinery safe.

Whether people intend it to or not, a moving vehicle has the potential to wreak a lot of havoc. This causes costly damage and injuries when there is a collision. So, in many cases people install barriers for protection.

Armco products are incredibly tough steel and are galvanised to BS 1461 standards. As a result they are fit to stand in the way of a moving vehicle. They will take the brunt of the impact and protect what is behind it. Wherever you install the barriers, you can know that no moving vehicles will get past it.

Use Armco to boost barrier safety

Below, we have a list of some of the most popular ways to use these barriers for the purpose of protection:

  • Outside of retail outlets and shops in order to prevent theft as well as ram raiding
  • As protection from vehicles that have become out of control in pedestrian areas
  • To protect workers, shelving, wall structures, pallet racking, and warehouse equipment from forklift collisions
  • In the loading bays of a warehouse to prevent worker injuries when unloading and loading HGVs
  • In a car park as crash barrier protection and also to help make sure vehicles only go where they should
  • To protect trees on building sites when the local authority has made it clear that measures need taking to keep them safe from damage
  • At the side of a road to prevent a vehicle from straying off or onto an opposing carriageway
  • On bridges in the event a vehicle becomes out of control so it will not leave the bridge and fall below

Products such as crash barriers and bollards are able to offer practical protection for areas you need to keep safe. Systems like these offer you and others a conclusive peace of mind. Then you will know that the personnel, equipment, items and structures will remain safe whatever the situation.

We should be your first call if you are in need of a comprehensive barrier safety system. Browse through our website to learn more and then contact Cenpart today for more information.