We are the first choice for motorway barriers as well as other protection and security products, acting as a specialist source for some of the best products in the industry. Since our beginnings in 2000 we have been evolving into one of the UK’s leading manufacturers, installers and suppliers of superior products so if you require bollards, handrails, motorway barriers, or access control systems, we have the solutions.

Our AXESS ladder system is one of the most popular products we offer. It’s designed to be a safe and permanent vertical ladder solution in a modular format, and is available in a variety of popular sizes. As they are available from 2000 and 3500mm rises to 4500 and 6000mm rises, we are confident that you can find the ideal size for your particular requirements with our help.

When working at heights, health and safety is of course the primary concern. We oversee the design and production of our products in order to ensure that all health and safety concerns are taken care of. This helps us to make sure that everything we offer is compliant with all of the required legal standards, giving you peace of mind when using them. We’re an ISO 9001 approved company and have been ever since the first year of operation, meaning that we’ve continuously provided outstanding quality products over two decades.

Due to its design, AXESS is very easy to assemble and install. All that is required is for it to be bolted together on-site without the need for any special tools. Not only that but it’s also provided in a ‘flat-pack’ form, making storage, handling and transportation simple. If you would like to know more about our ladder system, motorway barriers, or any of the other products we provide, please get in touch.