There are thousands of commercial burglaries every year in the UK, with smash and grab robberies being the most common. These crimes are characterised by the violence of the way the perpetrators enter the premises. Burglars may smash windows with paving stones, use scaffolding to raise protective grilles or use power tools to cut off padlocks. They are carried out at great speed to ensure escape before the police arrive and typically last no longer than a minute.

Some companies also experience ram raids, where intruders crash through the front of commercial premises in a vehicle and quickly grab as much as they can. These incidents can result in extremely costly repairs and pose a substantial safety risk.

Time is a crucial factor in commercial robberies, and the majority of criminals will not be on the scene for very long. The best way to deter thieves is to make the risk seem unacceptable and present as many barriers as you possibly can. Thieves look for the easiest opportunities, but suitable preventative measures can slow them down and serve as an effective deterrent.

We specialise in security and safety solutions and we can offer a selection of access control solutions, from Armco barriers to bollards to column protection. Our effective security systems can help to protect your premises, employees and stock from the risks of crime, as well as safeguarding against accidents.

Height restrictors are ideal for restricting the access of high vehicles to unauthorised areas. Along with being secure, they can clearly indicate to drivers whether they have sufficient room to pass underneath entrance beams. Our products can be supplied as solid fixed restrictors or soft impact with a swing opening.

Security bollards are one of the most effective forms of deterrent and protection from smash and grab robberies. Our selection comes in several sizes and profiles and each of our products is constructed from galvanised steel, offering immense durability and strength. Our strong bollards prohibit unwanted access to your premises and prevent vehicles from approaching at high speeds, reducing the risks of ram raids and accidental collisions.

We are the preferred suppliers for many industries throughout the UK. We are renowned for our affordable and high quality steel and security solutions and our extensive product range includes Armco crash barriers, handrails, guards, wheel guides, ladder systems and more. If you are concerned about security at your business premises and would like to know how you can protect your property, give us a call and we will provide a bespoke system for you.