We began our trading journey back in 2000. Our team set out to supply customers with the very best motorway barriers they could find. As you probably know, the purpose of these products is to keep road users safe. When you are out on a drive and know quality barrier systems are around, you will be able to relax on the road. As a result you will be more safer and more alert.

Upgrading motorway barriers

The European Road Federation has made its opinions on roadside infrastructure clear. They have concerns that the current barrier network may need an upgrade. According to the federation, it is eager to increase awareness of the crucial implications of a certain decision. This was one made by the European Commission to allow cross border movement for trucks that are heavier as well as longer. They want people to know the effect this would have on road barriers.

Currently, we design and test road safety barriers according to the total weight of vehicles on Europe’s roads. The present European Norm enables the assessment for vehicles up to a total of 38 tonnes. The ERF has worries that the introduction of heavier trucks and lorries would have huge effects on the road barriers’ abilities. Specifically, they are talking about their capacity to safeguard drivers from human errors.

No hostility

The ERF also said they didn’t have an ideological hostility to heavier vehicles. They just believe that we should make changes to the road structure and motorway barriers. This is to counter the greater weights and the higher risks. Said alterations also include road barriers.

We design and test road restraint systems all the way up to resist a 38 tonne truck. Right now, the current directive in force allows for a total of 44 tonnes. Because of this, even the existing barrier requirements don’t meet the highest weight of those trucks on the European roads.

At Cenpart, we provide barrier solutions that meet the needs of our customers. In addition to these products, we have balustrades, handrails, and bollards. Every single item we create is high quality so it will maximise safety.

If you would like to find out more, you are welcome to contact us. We can speak about our products and help you choose the right ones. In addition, we can deliver and install items. If you select barriers we can also replace sections.