Open box beam barrier systems are very flexible and can be used in all kinds of non-motorway settings. They are good alternatives to corrugated systems, particularly if more strength is required. They are also very easy to join together thanks to the fish plate connectors. These fit inside the beams and are bolted in place. By using two plates, one on the top and another on the bottom of the box, the barriers have fantastic stability.

Open box barriers can be used with the same posts that are used for corrugated systems. A great benefit of this system is you have flexibility in terms of the number of posts and the spacing between them. To secure the barrier in place, a post clamp plate is used. This fits inside the open side of the box and clamps firmly in place so each post can be bolted to the barrier.

Each length of barrier comes pre-drilled with holes at either end. These are used to bolt the fish plates to or for an end cover. The covers provide extra stability for the end of the barriers and prevent them from being misshapen.

Open box barrier systems are flexible enough to suit a wide range of requirements, including protecting workers in hazardous environments where vehicles and pedestrians are in close proximity. By adding more posts they become suitable for heavy duty applications too.

At Cenpart we specialise in crash barriers and barrier systems, and strive to offer bespoke solutions for all kinds of non-motorway settings. We have a wealth of experience gathered over many, many years in the industry. Our reputation is built on quality and we do all we can to satisfy the needs of our clients, both in terms of the products we offer and the level of customer service you receive.

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