It doesn’t always happen, but there is a chance a driver could lose control of their vehicle. This might occur due to negligence or an accident that was not their fault. Whatever the case, you need to minimise the risk of injury to all road users. To do so, you should invest in our top tier motorway barriers.

Armco is very popular

The type of barrier we specialise in is Armco. With these designs, you’re able to tailor their height, length, and size. They’re one of the most effective protective products you can choose. Due to their versatility, they are popular in several industries. Examples include construction and agriculture. Their popularity in these locations continues to increase. Regardless, the motorways and roads are where they are still used the most.

Highway agencies and government officials access the motorways before anyone installs barriers. The goal is to find collision hotspots. In addition, they locate areas where they can install barriers that will absorb impacts and restrict damage. Both are vital for when incidents happen.

What do the professionals do with their findings?

Eventually, they’ll have enough data. With it, they shall find places where accidents occur frequently. The details also assist in determining whether a barrier could prevent future issues. Heavy traffic areas are the ideal places to erect motorway barriers. This includes heavily used sections of motorways and roundabout exits.

Crash barriers are easy to assemble and install as well. Due to this fact, you can get them up and running more quickly. When working on motorways, this is a critical factor. It’s not ideal to have them closed for too long.

At Cenpart, we put a huge amount of effort into manufacturing our motorway barriers. Our team doesn’t exclusively work with motorway designs though. They also produce ones for commercial and industrial settings.

If you would like to know more, you can get in touch with our team anytime. We can advise you and, if you do go ahead, we offer a full installation service.