Armco barriers is the common name for those installations you would see on a racetrack. They protect the crowd and drivers. These days however, you will discover that they go beyond those boundaries. People now use them all over the country for protection both outside and inside properties.

People often ask about the life expectancy of Armco. These barriers are one of the most cost effective and durable forms of protection you can use. They are the ideal long term answer for safeguarding livestock and buildings. You can employ them to defend a myriad of other assets as well. This includes shelving and products in warehouses.

Strength and longevity

The galvanised corrugated steel in the barriers supplies them with an impressive strength to longevity ratio. They can endure a surprising amount of force too. This is due to the nature of the process the manufacturer uses to create them. The corrugated steel construction enables the installations to absorb more force than other models.


There is another essential thing that the galvanised coating provides to the crash barriers. This would be an extreme resistance to corrosion. Such attributes make Armco barriers some of the most cost efficient protection products to ever exist. The longevity and minor costs make them into a favourite option for many applications. This is the case for almost all of the motorways and main roads in Europe.

Service life

After you install the barriers, they can stay in position for decades. They shall constantly supply you with a huge amount of protection. This will be the case as long as there are no collisions. Even if there is an impact, it is easy to replace a section of barrier and new posts if necessary. Furthermore, the construction and design of these barriers undergo considerable testing. Not to mention, they stick to the set regulations to make sure you can use them for general use.

Speak to us about Armco barriers

At Cenpart we work hard to offer barrier systems that can protect lives and save costs. We can supply them in multi row and single formats. In addition, we have a plethora of post styles and sizes for you to choose from.

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