It is common to see crash barriers on roads and motorways. However, the characteristics of highway models differ from ones you would need in other situations. Specifically, we are talking about protecting structures and people. This is in areas like service yards and car parks. We are one of the leading manufacturers of these systems. Our team does all it can to ensure that spaces are safe, including offering professional installation and repairs.

Barriers do have their uses off the road. Saying this, it is always good to think of the purposes they serve on the motorways. The barriers offer many advantages here, hence why they are so widely used. The following are some of the most vital ones.

Low maintenance

To begin with, the barriers require very little in terms of maintenance. When you compare to other safety measures on the roads, including electric safety signals, you don’t have to do much work on barrier systems. This makes them a cost effective option.

We design crash barriers to last for decades with low maintenance costs. They are robust and durable enough to endure high impacts. According to reports, through the years, you only need to make a small amount of repairs. This occurs if there is an impact or if the weather causes extensive damage. In addition, if a barrier is broken, you can usually repair a section rather than replacing the whole thing.

Congestion and traffic

Reduces in congestion and traffic jams are another advantage. By lowering the amount of road accidents, barriers have had quite the impact on traffic issues. If there are fewer problems, there shall be less jams. As a result the roads will be more efficient.

As we said above, road barriers can last for decades with very little maintenance. Therefore there won’t be as many road closures to cause delays. With other safety systems, repairs and replacements are necessary more often. This can result in traffic congestion and huge delays. As such, it becomes very time consuming.

Ordering crash barriers for various uses

At Cenpart, our crash barriers exist primarily to prevent injury to pedestrians and damage to property. In addition, we offer safety fencing to supply edge protection. This is from voids and falling ground. Our products are suitable for various uses and settings so you can rely on us.

If you would like to discuss our solutions with us, please contact the company.