Columns give crucial structural support to buildings, and are used for residential properties, the upper levels of car parks, warehouses, industrial docks, loading bays and many more settings. However, the issue with columns, as with any supportive structural component, is that they are sometimes extremely vulnerable to damage depending on their placement.

The columns that support the various upper levels in car parks are unprotected against erratic driving and out of control vehicles. Studies of UK traffic incidents have revealed that over a quarter of accidents occur in car parks. With the continued evolution of vehicles, we are seeing an increase in average car sizes but a significant reduction in the size of car parks, which could eventually lead to big problems. When car park columns are struck by vehicles their capacity to underpin the weight above them becomes compromised, but our barrier systems and column protectors can successfully eliminate this issue and offer full protection from potential accidents.

Stand alone structures such as lampposts and singular signs are also vulnerable to damage from vehicles. Loading bays and other industrial areas have heavy vehicles in motion throughout the day and night. Plant equipment, machinery stock and staff can incur damage and injury from forklift trucks and other vehicles in the event of accident. Industrial environments can be unpredictable, and despite the best efforts of employees and management, accidents can still occur from time to time. By installing sufficient barrier systems and column protection you can be sure of protecting your equipment and employees.

Column damage can lead to expensive and time-consuming repairs along with loss of production and downtime. Column protection helps you avoid severe damage and the ramifications. Our range of column protectors offers fully protective bumpers for structures and entirely cost-effective solutions.