Crash barriers are designed to redirect vehicles effectively rather than allowing them to leave the road. They protect the driver and passengers of the vehicle by helping it to decelerate at an acceptable rate and preventing hazards such as leaving the road and collisions with obstacles along the roadside. They also protect pedestrians by ensuring that a vehicle cannot leave the road and collide with them.

One of the most important qualities of a crash barrier is that it must be able to bring vehicles to a stop properly. The barrier must redirect the vehicle without causing it to rotate, either by spinning out or flipping over. Both of these eventualities need to be avoided because they can cause severe injury to the inhabitants of the vehicle and other road users.

To ensure this happens, the face of the barrier should be smooth for its entire length. Any pieces that stick out, even a small amount, can cause the movement of the vehicle to change, resulting in a rotation or even a sudden deceleration rather than a gradual one. This increases the risk of injury.

Armco and open box barrier systems are excellent examples of how smooth the face of the barriers should be. In both types of system, the face is constant throughout the whole length. Even the bolts used to attach beams to posts are specially positioned so they will not touch a vehicle as it slides along the face. With Armco barrier systems, the bolts are placed on the top, bottom and middle of the beam where they are safely out of the way. In open box systems, the beam is bolted to a clamp on the top and bottom rather than directly to the post.

The specifications of barriers can vary to suit different requirements including the speed the vehicles are travelling, their weight and the angle of impact. It is crucial to choose the right criteria for each setting, and we are always happy to recommend the most suitable products for our clients.

We have a huge wealth of knowledge about crash barriers and regularly manufacture bespoke products to suit a wide array of criteria. We can offer high quality products to suit all kinds of non-motorway applications and will work closely with clients to ensure their needs are met. If you have any queries you can contact us for advice and support.