Like every company, we began as a small local business. Eventually, we grew to become a leading manufacturer of barrier systems in the UK. Lots of clients prefer to work with us as they are aware of our record of excellence. From steel barriers, gates and fencing to access controls and posts, there is something for every need here.

Anyone who has barrier and gate security will tell you there are many advantages to installing it. They act as extra security layers and aid you with crowd control. In addition, they prevent thieves from entering a residential or business property.

Lots of options

These days, barriers are omnipresent. There are many different types, including concert and venue, airport, chain and rope, and rising arm barriers. For car parks, they can be automatic or rising arm variants. They provide site owners with full control over the exits and entrances.

As for belt, rope, and chain designs, you can find them in places like airports. They act as control methods. Furthermore, you can spot them at shops and post offices. Here, they push visitors into forming queues.

Installing gates

You might be thinking about installing a gate. If so, you should decide which one is most appropriate for your requirements. Like with barrier systems, there are a number of gates to pick from. They can provide the premises with an extra layer of security.

Moreover, there are many gated communities in the UK. In these places, there is less danger of crime and theft. Not to mention, introducing gate access restricts foot traffic. Unauthorised vehicles will also have a hard time entering. With control over access points, residents can rest easy knowing their environment is safe.

Ordering barrier systems

At Cenpart, we have barriers that are available in standard and bespoke design. As a result, we make custom systems when we need to. We do this to ensure that our merchandise can meet all kinds of unique needs. More importantly, it means that our clients don’t need to compromise their safety by trying to use another system that may not be perfect for the application.

If there is something in particular you need, please let us know. We will do everything we can to assist you.