When it comes to any kind of safety and security measures, it is always better to have them in place and never need them than it is to find yourself in a situation where they are needed and you don’t have them. Regrettably, this has been proven in many instances, including a recent news story from Belfast in Northern Ireland.

After almost 40 years of service with no incidents, a council decided to remove crash barriers from what was once an accident hotspot, replacing them with a significantly lower level of protection. This decision was met with strong protest and opposition from residents and they were sadly proven to be right, as a young student lost their life in an accident just two weeks after the barriers were removed.

Safety and the protection of life is at the heart of our philosophy. No matter how relatively quiet or incident free a stretch of road might seem, if vehicles travel along it then there is always the potential for an accident. The placement of crash barriers in areas identified as possible hot spots can prove to be the difference between life and death.

We believe that it is important that lessons can be learned from incidents such as these, and that we should never assume a road is completely safe. Time and again our barrier safety systems have proven to be vital in both limiting damage and saving lives. Protective measures which might never be used are always preferable to leaving areas unprotected, so make sure to consult our team for further advice and information on what we can do for you. We do not only provide barriers for roads, but for any area where there may be a risk from vehicles, making us one of the most versatile options for successful solutions.