Armco motorway barriers are designed specifically for the preservation of safety in case of a crash. The barriers are designed and installed in such a way to transfer energy, so that any vehicle colliding with them simply travels alongside the barrier rather than being deflected back into the path of oncoming traffic. They also work to actively prevent the vehicle from simply smashing through the barrier.

As well as being used on motorways, Armco products can be installed in a wide variety of different settings. They can be used to protect the fabric of a building or to defend pedestrians in areas where they may be at risk from traffic. As there are so many different uses for these motorway barriers, we offer a range of barrier posts suited for different purposes.

The type of post that is chosen affects the qualities of the barrier itself, such as its flexibility under pressure. Other things must also be taken into consideration when choosing posts, such as the likely frequency of an impact and the actual severity of the impact – for example, you will need a stronger post for a highway barrier than a barrier used in a warehouse.

Armco motorway barriers are most commonly found on racetracks, protecting the crowd, staff and drivers from the vehicles as they hurtle around the track. They are also incredibly common alongside roads and on motorways. For these barriers, a Z post is commonly used. Z posts are some of the strongest posts available, able to withstand a sizeable impact without failure. There are two types of Z posts: 110 x 50 x 5mm or 125 x 90 x 5mm. The former deflects or bends on impact, so the vehicle will not bounce back into traffic or break through the barrier. The latter is heavier duty and used mostly for barriers which bend with the road.

We also sell rigid P224 posts. These ensure minimal deflection under impact and stop the vehicle in its tracks, making them useful for tight and confined spaces. Because of this, these posts are particularly useful in warehouse environments where slow moving traffic may provide a risk to the fabric of the building. These posts are available in various sizes and can be powdered coated in any colour, including high visibility colours.

Our third crash barrier post is the spring buffer post, which offers maximum flexibility under impact. They put less stress on their surrounding environment and are available in three types of varying flexibility: CEN-L, CEN-X and CEN-G.

Armco motorway barriers require strong posts to ensure that they protect their surroundings perfectly. Depending on the barrier and its use, we will help you to choose the right post to equip it with. We’ll ensure that the posts are well maintained and replaced when and if necessary. With over a decade of experience in the supply and installation of motorway barriers and posts, you can be assured of the best results.