Armco barriers have been around for many years, and the name Armco has become a generic term for the barriers used on racing tracks around the world. However, these barriers have found a much wider use elsewhere, being used everywhere from motorways to warehouse loading bays. They offer a phenomenal level of barrier safety and due to their strength, they can be used for many years. Thanks to their ability to transfer the energy of a crash and ‘bounce’ a vehicle away, they are especially suited for areas where pedestrians need protecting from vehicles.

In its most common use, the Armco barrier can be found protecting the crowd from the racetrack in motorsports. They are also found in locations such as warehouse loading bays and parking lots, where slow moving vehicles are present. Of course, the location of the barrier is vital. Areas which have heavy foot traffic should be focused on. In areas such as loading bays, an Armco barrier can prove to be a great help in protecting pedestrians from incoming traffic.

Armco products can also be equipped with a number of additional extras to further augment barrier safety. These include handrails, and anti-climb mesh which prevents people climbing through the barrier. There are also a number of caps and ends to protect pedestrians from a terminated barrier, such as bullnose and scroll ends to blunt the edges.

Thanks to our wide range of customisable options to increase barrier safety, you don’t have to worry about leaving the public unprotected on your property. We can personally modify barriers and beams to match the length and size that you require. We also have a wide range of barrier posts to further bolster barrier safety. From private roads to car parks, from quaysides to loading bays, Armco barriers offer comprehensive protection for pedestrian, property and vehicle alike.