Bollards are perhaps one of the oldest types of barrier systems still in use. Used since the 19th century, they provide a very effective means of cordoning off areas and, in modern times, as a means of protecting the fabric of buildings from vehicles. Bollards ensure that no vehicle can pass by and are, as such, a very effective method of providing security, especially in areas where there is high pedestrian traffic and where streets need to be blocked off from vehicular access. However, they can become damaged over time, compromising the safety of these barrier systems, which is why our team have developed and supply a range of bollard covers.

Bollards were originally used around quays as a means of helping ships to moor in port. However, over time, bollards became extensively used for protection purposes rather than for mooring naval vessels. They also find use in industrial environments as a means of protecting the building, especially in areas where vehicles such as forklifts may be in use. Bollards are commonly simply pillars of metal which are incredibly durable and can withstand a fair amount of impact. Over time, there have been a number of bollards developed, such as illuminated bollards, often seen on traffic islands at pedestrian crossings and intersections, and removable bollards which are hinged and can either be lowered into a ground socket, laid down or fully removed to allow a vehicle to pass when necessary.

However, it is because of this that bollards often see a lot of damage in their lives. Bollards may be struck or scraped by vehicles and may either become damaged or scuffed, something which will certainly affect their aesthetic appearance. In order to combat this, we have a range of bollard covers in stock. Painting a bollard can be quite a time-consuming task, and painting several bollards may make the procedure expensive, which is where our bollard covers are extremely effective.

Made in segments, they simply click together around the bollard and that is the only installation required. The covers are available in a range of colours and placing them around the bollards costs less than painting the bollards and also takes considerably less time. Our bollard covers allow you to protect your bollards and ensure that they remain aesthetically pleasing. They also give a certain amount of visibility to bollard barrier systems, ensuring that they can be seen in darker environments. With our bollard covers, you can give your barrier systems a new lease of life without the need for expensive replacements.