Our goal at Cenpart is to be the top provider of Armco barriers in the UK. We have years of service behind us, meaning our products have had the chance to keep countless people safe. Most common on roads, we adapt Armco to work in different environments. This way, the barriers can defend properties and people alike.

There are many types of barriers out there. Since this is the case, you need to know what they are in order to avoid choosing the wrong one. Here, we are going to discuss the barrier board and what it is.

What are they?

Barrier boards are created to halt access to a specific location. You can use them in addition to guards or in place of them. They also act as alternatives to things like spike strips.

There are separate forms of the boards for managing vehicles, cars, pedestrians, or access. Normally, a board looks more like a fence instead of the concrete block barricades or Armco barriers you commonly see.

You would typically find the barrier boards in road construction. However, they are suitable for various other uses too. Within separate regions, these devices also go by the names safety, work, and council barricades.

Permanent uses

You may be wondering what the permanent applications of these boards are. They typically surround official government buildings to prevent access. With these applications, a security guard usually accompanies them. Their job is to stop individuals who ignore the presence of the boards.

Temporary uses

Then there are the temporary applications. Examples would be redirecting traffic around emergency and construction sites. Police forces could erect them at entrance ramps to close motorways. You can also use them to redirect people when there are special events taking place.

Bespoke Armco barriers

At Cenpart, we provide high quality barriers that meet the right standards. They differ from barrier boards in that they are designed more for protection from vehicle impacts. The boards are more for redirecting everything to another location. However, you can easily use both within a system.

If you want Armco barriers but want to know more before ordering, please let us know. We can provide all the information you need.