Cenpart is an authority on the subject of barrier safety. For years, we have been supplying a wide range of barriers, handrails, bollards, and posts. Their purpose is to keep people from harm in traffic-heavy environments. You may not be aware, but our goods are actually useful for lots of non-motorway situations. As a result we have clients who use them in warehouses, car parks, docks, and lots of other areas.

There is one thing we really like seeing; this is when warehouses introduce suitable measures to create a safe working environment. Safety is crucial to creating the kind of atmosphere people like being a part of. When employees feel safe and comfortable, productivity and loyalty increases. This is great news for your business.

By using contemporary barrier safety solutions in your property, you can lower the chances of accidents and injury. One such solution is a high calibre safety barrier system. However, you must ensure that the one you choose is practical. If it is not, it could end up damaging the floor.

A very essential asset

Right now, you might or might not think of your warehouse floor as an essential asset. Yet, if you damage it, it can result in huge issues for your company.

You are probably wondering how the floor can find itself in this state. When you hit steel barriers with force, the impact travels down to the baseplates. These fix the barriers into the ground. The impact can twist the bolts and unearth the barrier posts. The concrete can even crack.

The damage to the floor can cause havoc for all commercial procedures. Pedestrian and vehicle routes may become unusable and unsafe. Since this is the case, you need to prepare for the future.

Bespoke barrier safety solutions

At Cenpart, our barriers differ from what you would find on a motorway. The main difference is they are far more suitable for the circumstances. For example they are more likely to encounter a low speed vehicle. Therefore, they tend to hit at a different angle. The designs take this into account to maximise safety.

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