What we want to do for our customers is provide them with safety measures that work. To this end, we set out to distribute first rate motorway barriers everyone could rely on. We can offer a solution for any needs, including car parks, warehouses, access roads, docks, and more. Every barrier system we offer is durable and fit for purpose.

Rain is one of the primary reasons why drivers find themselves crashing into road barriers. Heavy storms can appear at any time. As a result, it is best to prepare. To assist you with this, we have come up with our own set of tips for driving in the rain.

Tyre tread

Firstly, you should examine your tyre treads. It is preferable to do this in addition to basic maintenance. Tyres will require sufficient tread so that you have enough grip in terrible conditions. You also need to inflate them to the right levels. Look in the owner’s manual to discover what they are. If you don’t know how to check your tyres properly, seek out professional guidance.

Stopping distances

When you stop in dry conditions, you will need 12 metres whilst braking when you travel at 20mph. In the rain, this figure is going to double. Therefore, if you are doing 70mph while on a dual carriageway, you must have a space of 200 metres. This is between you and the vehicle in front. Doing so shall give you the necessary space for an emergency brake.

Common sense

Finally, but most importantly, use your common sense. To keep safe, see to it that your wipers are suitable for the task. Ensure that your windscreen remains demisted too. Should the rain become excessively heavy, head to the side of the road and pull up. From there, wait for the deluge to recede.

Ordering motorway barriers

At Cenpart, we manufacture every piece of merchandise to the right British Standards. In addition, we hot dip galvanise every mild steel product to BS EN 1461. We do this unless specifications state otherwise.

If you would like to purchase our motorway barriers, please let us know. We can create a layout for you, taking your specific needs into account.