From our very first days as a business our goal has been to keep our customers safe. We do this by providing first-rate motorway barriers and other products. These days, we are a leading manufacturer and have lots of happy customers. Whatever the case, we can confident we can offer the right barrier system.

You might not think it, but one of the areas where our products come in handy is a loading bay. This is part of a building where pedestrians and vehicles move a lot in close proximity to each other. For this reason, introducing vehicle crash barriers is essential to keeping everyone and everything safe.


When you think about a loading dock you will likely focus on trucks and people unloading or loading them. However, this is not the only vehicle you can find in use here. More importantly, they may not be the most dangerous. The other type of vehicle you can find is a forklift. They present more hazards because they drive within the actual building.

To ensure the safety of employees you may want to use barriers. These can act as guides for trucks and also create separate lanes for forklifts and people on foot. The introduction of highly visible motorway barriers is a practical solution. This will help to limit injuries and accidents.

Where else can I use the barriers?

You can use this type of barrier in a variety of others scenarios. In addition to loading areas, you can find them at racing tracks, construction sites, and factories. People even use them in the farming industry and in car parks. The barriers can offer you solid protection against wayward heavy vehicles and the damage they cause. They are durable, dynamic, easy to install, and simple to maintain and repair.

At Cenpart, we provide safety solutions like no other. The motorway barriers are not the only barrier style in our collection. You are also welcome to choose balustrades, handrails, and bollards.

If any of these items interest you, please get in touch with us. We can also offer installation and technical help if necessary.